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The problem is this also means Apple now sells no less than five different models of iPhone: Upgrade decisions have never been more complicated Left to right: Despite many complaints, Apple has so far shown no interest in making another circa 4-inch iPhone. This means any potential iPhone 6S upgraders will have to accept a bigger handset. For the latter group of upgraders in particular, this is potentially an issue.

Apple has been criticised for not producing more compact designs and given the 5. But unless Apple magically produces a new 4-inch model next year the only option will be to wait and see if a redesigned iPhone 7 makes more nips and tucks.

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Looking at the iPhone 6S display on paper nothing seems particularly revolutionary to what has come before:. Furthermore in comparison to many iPhone rivals using 2K and even 4K native resolutions the tech here looks positively dated. The iPhone 6S display's native resolution shows more pixelation than its rivals - Image credit Gordon Kelly.

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This has been compared to a right mouse click and Apple demonstrates this with its integration into core apps, such as:. But the real 3D Touch benefits will only come when app makers in particular games makers hop aboard.

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Create some truly compelling examples in very popular titles and new iPhones will fly off the shelves even faster than anticipated. Read more - Apple iOS 9: But how realistic is this to happen? A handful of major apps like Dropbox, Instagram, Shazam are already aboard, but it will take much longer for smaller developers to adapt and caution will be expressed by some knowing usability must remain equally intact for older iPhones - which still make up the vast majority of users.

In short: Image credit Gordon Kelly. Having stuck with an 8MP rear camera since the iPhone 4S, Apple has finally bumped the iPhone 6S to 12MP which brings with it 4K video recording and - importantly - given the front facing camera a major boost to 5MP and p video recording. Plus both get improved apertures.

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First the good stuff: In particular Samsung has caught up with its image processing a key Apple strength and the improved f1. Again thanks to incredible image processing, the iPhone 6S can compete with these rivals, but it is doesn't stand out as clearly the best.

This is particularly true for 4K video recording on the iPhone 6S. Apple got away with excluding OIS from the iPhone 6 last year, but I feel the controversial decision to again skip it in the iPhone 6S especially when it has long been a staple of cheap phones like the Nexus 5 will come back to haunt it.

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Where the iPhone features an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1. Now, this is where personal preference really comes into play.

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There's a significant size and weight difference between the two devices, what with the Galaxy Note 4 sitting comfortably in the phablet category, so if you're looking for something smaller, the iPhone will be your preferred option. The 5S measures If it's processing power you're after, look no further than the Galaxy.

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Its Exynos quad-core processor, clocking in at 2. Considering the size difference between the two smartphones, the Note 4 understandably has a much larger battery at 3,mAH, compared to 1,mAH in the 5S. It's clear to see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is superior in most areas when compared to the Apple iPhone 5S, although this is to be expected seeing as the 5S is a year old. The iPhone 6 launch is rumoured to be just around the corner so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the announcement of what is sure to be a much closer contest.