Samsung galaxy 2 missing photos

My Samsung S7 is not rooted before. It is password protected. However, when I touch the screen, on the phone, it does not seem to work. I know my password. Any broken Samsung data recovery software helps me retrieve photos, contacts and messages from Galaxy S6 with broken screen? Some people may ask how to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy S7 without computer? How to undelete photos on Galaxy S7?

In fact, we can not recover the picture in the phone itself, because those deleted files has been rewritten,and the data will be covered by new data, unless you have you backed up data to Samsung Cloud, Google Cloud,or bacup your Samsung with Samsung Kies. If you never backup your data,you need to connect your Samsung devices to computer and use a professional Samsung data recovery to scan and recover deleted files from Samsung device directly.

Below are the recoverable data types with the corresponding formats that the Android Samsung Data Recovery and Broken Android Data Extraction supports:. Good New: To get back missing photos from your Samsung phone internal memory. First of all,please free download the Android Data Recovery and connect your phone to scanned by the program.

How to Recover Deleted Photo Files from Samsung Galaxy

Step 2. Step 3. Select the Photo File to Scan and Recover from the Samsung Device Here,the program listing all kinds of files for you to get back,including contacts, message, Gallery, videos, whatsapp messages,ect. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Once the scanning process is finished, a list of recoverable files that have been found from your Samsung S7 will be displayed in the left pane. Feature 1. Not only recover media files,but also allows you retrieve deleted contacts with full information such as contacts name, phone number, email, job title, address, companies and more which you fill on your Android phone.

After the recovery is completed,you can transfer the retrieved contacts from computer to your phone. Feature 2. Directly regain deleted photos, videos, contacts, text messages, messages Attachments, call history, audios, WhatsApp messages, documents from Android or SD card inside your Android phone due to mistaken deletion, factory reset, system crash, forgotten password, flashing ROM, rooting, ect. Feature 3. I used some apps to recover the pictures, it did the job. So, the clarity was very poor. Any help would be more appreciated, please.

I need to retrieve deleted photos that my child mistakenly deleted from from samsung s9 already. Before one week I send my phone Galaxy J7pro to fix screen on its guaranty the man there doing software for my phone while lam didn't have backup for my data l have very special photos and video really I sad and caring every day for that. How can I recover my stuff? I had not. I tried 3 different apps and it worked for the photos but not the videos. Any suggestions please. And thank you. The Samsung phone just stopped working.

Ways to recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gallery [5 Workarounds]

It was strange, there were no explanations or reason for it. Took it to Verizon and they had to start it up like a new phone installation. In the meantime the pictures, all notes I had written in memo, my text messages were all deleted. Only on phone. I am so sad because there were many pictures of my Golden Retriever who is 13 and on his last days.

My lady and i split up she had my S9 phone and cleared all my pictures and videos from years of saving.

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  • Galaxy Photo Recovery, recover missing photo/video from Galaxy phone;
  • How to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy S7, S9 phone | Recover pictures.

Actually i have my some personal photos in app like gallery vault and all and by mistake i uninstall those apps and now I'm unable to recover my so i just wanna get back my deleted photos on Samsung S9 please! Formatted sd card on galaxy S9, moved sd card to laptop and performed deep scan. Everything shows up, but the majority of the photos either say "It looks like we don't support this file format. Any ideas on how to recover deleted photos?

I lost my Samsung phone and had to get a new one. My question is how many I retrieve my photos with the new chip. Although, I lost my my old phone? My smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S7. I transferred photos and videos on a SD card with the capacity of 16 gb. And I checked whether everything was downloaded. Then I deleted the files from the Gallery and Google Photos and they were gone from everywhere, including the SD card. Could you please tell me why the files were deleted from the external memory and how can I retrieve deleted photos on Samsung S7?

The phone sees it and everything is fine, but after I transferred some photos from the phone on the sd card none of them is displayed in the Gallery. Is there anything I can do to find recently deleted photos? I have a Samsung GT running under Android 4. I wanted to delete some files in order to free up some space on the phone internal memory.

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I accidentally opened "documents" section and somehow erased all the videos, photos and uploaded MP3 music at once by mistake. But what is interesting, all the videos and photos stored on the memory card were left untouched. Only the files which I had on the phone internal memory were removed. Google Photos app wasn't helpful since I hadn't updated it in advance. Are there any chances to retrieve my deleted photos and videos on Samsung? If photo backup is enabled, but photos were deleted from the Recycle Bin too , are those photos deleted permanently? Or can they be found in the cloud?

I was removing not needed photos when my phone hung up and then the majority of photos was lost and the phone memory lessened. The strange thing is that the hidden photos i. And also only the photos taken within a certain period of time around 2 years are missing and the rest of them was left untouched. I gave a try to photo recovery apps, but I managed to find only a few photos out of several hundred. Please tell me how to get deleted photos that are so important to me back.

All photos and videos were moved from a micro SD to the Recycle Bin after an automatic software update. After I'd tried to recover them from the Recycle Bin they were gone completely. The micro SD can't be detected on any storage device, even on a computer. How can I recover those important photos? Is there a program for it or anything else? I had very precious photos stored on my phone. I created an additional folder for some photos in the Camera folder and gave it a different name, then I cleared the cache and the whole folder disappeared from my phone, but all the other photos were left untouched.

I have no clue what to do next and how to recover the folder. I really need it I created a new album in the Gallery, moved some photos there and in just ten minutes it was gone with all the photos. I found them in ES Explorer in the library. When I try to move them to any album their quality significantly deteriorates. What should I do to find deleted photos? I connected my phone Android 5. I found a bunch of different folders showing 0 memory on the phone memory and decided to delete one of them.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone

After I'd done it, I lost all the photos, videos and music including the files stored on the phone memory card! Are the files likely to be recovered? About photos of great importance are gone I deleted some photos or to be precise a folder with photos from the internal memory of my Samsung S9.

2 Ways to Recover Lost Photos From Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Moreover no synchronization with clouds services was enabled at this time. I had many attempts to find the photos via various apps, but none of them was successful. Even the most popular DiskDigger was helpless. Help me to retrieve deleted photos, please. Nearly any recovery app has filter by date. The problem is that recovered files not always contain correct metadata such as date, title, and other EXIF data.

You can use any photo viewer for this. My phone storage full. How to recover that? I have Huawei Hol-u I lost lot of important photos. According to the instructions given by the recovery software, I have connected my phone to the computer but unfortunately it didn't support. So pls tell me some other way to retrieve my lost photos. I bought a new phone 3 months ago and just noticed about 2 months of images were missing from my android phone i had them back up on google photos and im positive of this because the same problem happened to me 2 years ago this time i wasn't using a sd card the images just vanished without a trace.

Dear sir, I am in the process of writing a book and have up to now done it on documents where I was able to transfer photos from my gallery to documents. Now suddenly it refuses to do that with a " oops an error occurred What is the problem? Samsung galaxy a5 I've transferred images and photos from the internal memory to the card. Via the service - my files - memory card I can view all of them, but in the Gallery only those that remained on the internal memory are displayed.

However the camera stores new photos on the card, and if I take a photo or make a screenshot, it will be displayed in the Gallery. The problem concerns only the files which were copied. I woke up in the morning and found out that almost all of the photos are gone from the Gallery why not all of them then? Let me make it clear straight away, I have no memory card, no file operations have been carried out and the photos aren't in DCIM folder either. There are several files stored on my Google Drive, but it's not them. My phone is Samsung A8 with Android 8. I've accidentally deleted a photo from the Gallery on Samsung phone.

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  3. Recover Deleted/Lost Photos From Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.
  4. I tried to recover it via DiskDigger program, but it was recovered in awful quality, the photo is blurry and you can only see the overall silhouette. And the program description promises that it will completely recover any photo. Maybe I was doing it wrong? How can I recover the original image quality? Three days ago I bought a new phone redmi 5 plus and I transferred all the pictures and videos onto it. The next day when I opened the Gallery, I discovered that there were only a couple of photos left.

    I reloaded my phone, opened the Gallery again and that time there was nothing left in it at all. It says that the files are deleted or corrupted and the formats aren't supported. It wouldn't be a big deal, if I haven't deleted the photos from my old phone, and they weren't so important. Every single photo the whole Gallery has disappeared from my phone. I have no idea what to do. What I did was only connecting the phone via a USB in order to download some music onto my phone, after it was done I disconnected the wire.

    When I opened the Gallery I found nothing there, it was empty. Please tell me if there is a chance of recovery? The phone model is Lenovo S Thank you in advance. My phone is asus with no memory card After a busy weekend a sign saying that the memory is full appeared. I got a system update notification, but since the memory was full, the update couldn't be downloaded.

    I deleted some photos to free the space on my phone a bit, started updating the phone and went to sleep. In the morning I wanted to look at the photos but didn't manage to find the folder with them in the Gallery and I didn't find it via my PC either. My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 Android 5. One of multiple albums is missing from Android Gallery.

    I haven't deleted it on purpose. This album is important, please help me to recover it. I transferred some photos from my phone DCIM folder to a personal folder, in the beginning they weren't displayed in the Gallery and it looked as if nothing had been transferred, and in a day or two they actually disappeared. I gave a try to file managers, there are simply no photos.