Find my iphone says offline what does that mean

This service is available for all iOS devices which have an iOS 5 or higher. The Find My iPhone offline can also let you make a group like that of your family. You could also erase all the data on your iPhone If you are that secretive and have a lot of personal data on your phone.

And later you can use that to locate your iPhone.

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Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to find an iPhone that is offline. STEP 2: Log in using your Apple ID and password. After you log in it will take a second to exactly find your current location. STEP 4: This lets the Find my iPhone application store the last known location of your iPhone for about 24 hours after the battery runs out. On the next screen are all the devices that you have linked to your iCloud account. This lets you know exactly where your device is.

Now the question arises on how you will be able to access this information once your device is not with you. What you have to do next is mentioned below. STEP 5: Using any other device visit, https: STEP 6: STEP 8: And it also shows all the other devices that you have linked using your iCloud account. What this does is self-explanatory. Find my iPhone is a great tool in Apple devices to prevent theft and increase security of iPhones and iPads. But a lot of users are facing a problem related to this feature.

Find my iPhone says offline even when all the devices related to the account are not offline.

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There are different ways to fix find my iPhone saying offline. Make sure your location services are set to ON. In Control Center, all features are accessible. The flashlight can be turned on, the calculator can be opened, alarms can be set, and the camera can be used. Pictures can be taken, but the Camera Roll can't be opened to display existing images.

Some of the information a stranger can learn about you before Lost Mode is enabled on a lost device Notification Center has the most potential to divulge personal information. Depending on what's enabled, previews of emails and messages might be displayed, calendar events are visible, recent Apple Pay transactions are listed, and many third-party apps, like Evernote, will show previews of content in the Today view.

On an iPhone with Face ID, some of these previews are disabled by default so you may not need to worry quite as much. If you have the Medical ID feature set up through the Health app, all of that information is available, including emergency contacts, height, weight, blood type, allergies and health conditions. All of these lock screen features are optional and can be disabled through the Settings app if desired. Lost Mode prevents all of the above listed features from being used.

All someone can do with your iPhone when it's in lost mode is call you, turn it off, or make an emergency phone call. If a thief turns off your iPhone, it's going to be off the grid until the power is turned back on. Similarly, it can't update its location when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection available. In the Find My iPhone app, when an iPhone can't be reached, it's listed as offline. For 24 hours, the last known location is available. After that, no information about its location is shared. While a lost iPhone is turned off, it cannot respond to Find My iPhone requests to put it in Lost Mode or wipe it, but as soon as it is powered back on, Lost Mode will be activated.

Lost Mode locks down the iPhone and prevents it from being accessed in iTunes when plugged into a computer, but it can't stop someone from wiping an iPhone via iTunes using recovery mode or DFU mode. Even if your iPhone is fully erased, the person who has it can't use it.

Activation Lock stays on and there is no way to bypass it. As soon as the iPhone boots up, it asks for an Apple ID and password and it won't go past the activation screen without the information. Once wiped, the iPhone's location will no longer be updated and you will have 24 hours to note the last known location before it simply can't be found again. Even with an Internet connection, an erased iPhone with Activation Lock on will not send its location to iCloud.

In Find My iPhone, an erased device will be listed as "Offline" and information won't be available again until you sign into the device with your Apple ID and password. Some thieves may make an attempt to get that information through phishing attempts like fake emails or messages, so it's best to be aware of this possibility should your iPhone be stolen. Pre-iOS 6 devices do not include Activation Lock, but devices running iOS 6 have access to Lost Mode, which is the operating system where the feature was introduced.

Before You Lose Your Phone

Devices running iOS 5 or earlier cannot use Lost Mode, but there is a feature called "Lock" for rendering a device inaccessible. With no Activation Lock feature, an iPhone with iOS 6 or earlier installed can be wiped by a thief and set up as a new device. For that reason, if you have a device that can run the latest version of iOS, it's always better to update.

Not having Find My iPhone installed also means Activation Lock is turned off, meaning a thief can wipe an iPhone and set it up as a new device. Find My iPhone. Top Rated Comments View all.

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Android or anything like that can't be installed. Additionally, we need digital SIM cards, as thieves can just pop out the SIM card to prevent the phone from sending its location. Pretty much any electric device will basically have that. Or what to do when you drop your white Airpod in the white snow as I did yesterday. Start find my iphone, realize you're not logged in, get 1password, realize 1password is not unlocked with master password since last restart, write long master pass, get password to Apple id, unlock find my iPhone, start emergency sound on Airpods, realize the one not lost is still in my ear, take it out, put in case, then feverishly search the snow at my feet for the sound, and YES!

Man I was lucky. Standing on a handicap parking too. Those Airpods are slippery buggers!

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Are you saying that link doesn't take you to icloud. Keychain recognised it. You guys are guessing. While Activation Lock prevents a stolen phone from being useful, it can still be sold for parts. Nice summary of the features.

There's an easy trick for locating your lost AirPods — here's how to use it

I sent a link out to all my family members who I am the tech support for. I did find it humorous that the author says that "Play Sound" and "Erase iPhone" are self-explanatory and then explains them: A few months ago my iPhone fell out of my pocket after sitting in a chair at a gym, then it was stolen a few minutes later when I stepped away.

I saw it's 'last gasp' ping going down the road opposite way I drove on iCloud about 15 minutes later. Security cameras were "just out of view" of the chair. Pretty sure I saw it on Craigslist the next day, seller wouldn't respond, but his listing said he "had to sell it fast because he was going out of state" so??!!

How to Work Offline on an iPhone : Tech Yeah!

A few weeks later, I get a call from a lady who thinks she has my phone. The guy had reset it so the screen showed "Welcome to iPhone. So her husband connected to their wifi at home during the setup screens and then saw my lost phone message with my wife's cell. Happy to say it's back in my hands now!!! Morals of the story, turn ON find my iPhone, keep it locked, keep data backed up in real-time, and don't buy a phone without verifying it's not blacklisted!