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We are having the same problem on Christmas day. What a rotten situation, to require a credit card to download free apps. This is a gift my children can't use -- even with the kindle gift cards they received -- without a credit card. Why bother selling this product to families if kids can't use it?

I used an old used-up visa gift card. The card is empty and I didnt even use the right name on the card when adding it to the kindle required credit card. Luckily, the card date is for eight more years. Everything free is downloading just fine and working great.

I can't believe that Amazon. At this price point there are going to be pre-teens and other young users who don't and shouldn't need to have credit card access. What a lousy way to spend my Christmas afternoon - trying to activate my son's Kindle Fire for app store purchases without a credit card I'd given him a gift card. I finally used a pre-paid Visa card number. My daughter has been using the iTunes store for 2 years without requiring a credit card and I was also able to setup an Ipad 2 in another country to access iTunes for free via an Apple ID no credit card information needed.

I've been a loyal customer for many years but I am pretty irritated right now, especially after experiencing how easy it is to setup and use the Apple iTunes store with a mobile device. Amazon is not responsible for parenting anyone's child. If you can't trust your kids to not make purchases without your permission, that's a you problem--put consequences in place or don't let them use the product unsupervised.

Setup Kindle Fire without Credit Card?

The Kindle Fire is not any different then iPad. My wife and I both have iPads and they required a credit card to use the App Store. We gave the iPad to our daughter for Christmas ans we set it up with a pre-paid credit card. I do agree it would be nice not to have to do this and fund the account with Amazon gift cards. Amazon if you are listening please look at altering your system to accept this. You would definently gain a leg up in our eyes over Apple.

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I stand corrected. I had to do some digging, but here it is. The paypal test works. No real credit card required. Can anyone help me? I'm Scottish and travel around the world.

And I have a UK credit card. I can't do anything with this kindle fire. It keeps asking for a US Address linked to my credit card. Or am I missing something? Any help gratefully received. I would say this is a very different situation from the iPad as stated above. I have never had to associate my itunes account with a credit card. I simply buy a iTunes gift card.

I thought this would be the case with the new Kindle Fire, however I will not blame Amazon for this. I should have researched this myself before ordering. As always.

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Buyer Beware! Amazon doesn't verify the credit card. I live overseas and received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Without a US credit card, I could not access the app store at all. I tried with Amazon gift cards and had to have them refunded because that didn't work. This morning I realizes that Amazon doesn't process the card unless a purchase is made, so there is no verification of the card.

I used an old credit card that I got from the states several years ago.

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It expired in and is on a closed account. I was able to load that number in and use the app store. There are plenty of resources out there that generate or provide US credit card numbers for software developers to test check-digit verification. I suggest you use one of those numbers.

The card won't be valid and nothing can be charged to it, but since Amazon doesn't validate the card, you are fine as long as you: To purchase and install an app: Go to the Amazon Appstore from your compatible device. Browse or search for apps, and then open the detail page of an app you'd like to purchase.

Need to update your 1-Click Settings? To access your purchased apps: Launch the Amazon Appstore app on your device. Tap My Apps. While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, we'll use this information to improve our online Help. Digital Services and Device Support.

Your Amazon. Did you know you can deliver your purchased apps to your device? Go to Appstore Subscriptions. If your app isn't listed, swipe down from the top of the screen to check for new items. If you haven't received an order confirmation email for your app purchase, try checking your order history and update your payment method if necessary. Some apps require up to four times their listed file size in available space to install successfully. If you encounter an error, clear some space on your device before trying to install the application again. Your device must connect to the internet periodically to access certain downloaded content.

For apps that use our digital rights management system, you must connect your device to the internet every 60 days. To learn more about digital rights management, please review the Appstore Terms of Use.

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