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How many developers and what languages are available for the iPhone? So applications will be more diverse and useful. Look at the development and progression from the N95 to this device. Now look from the iPhone I to the iPhone 3G. What developments?? I think the leader is clear…. By the way, most of the ways this device eats the iPhone were existent on previous Nokia smartphones since I think it is anyway….

Subsidized pricing should be similar between the iPhone and this, although the iPhone has some pretty heavy subsidies. Its ok to pay more for the best device on the market, which this is by far. How can a simplistic iPhone blow away the best devices on the market? Try downloading something while checking your Facebook page, editing music, and making a movie. I can do all these things at once…even on my 2 year old N90! Try again, Apple. And we type so much because its a content consumption AND creation device, the big difference between Nokia and Apple.

Apple eats dinner, but Nokia hunts, catches, cooks, and eats that same meal, and even serves up a nice plate for your iPhone. Multitasking is number one. I can run 20 or 30 apps at once on my N95 8gb, so its the equivalent of 25 iPhones! Also, image capture, web browsing with Flash in the browser just like on a desktop, offline maps, open APIs, true TV-out that shows everything on the phone screen, actual keys, more useful apps, better freeware, open multimedia format support, online gaming, faster more powerful TI OMAP hardware, larger developer community, open source OS, copy and paste, etc….

These advantages have been around since before there was an iPhone. You just let Engadget and Boy Genius Report decide what you buy, instead of trying it yourself. How has Apple been about adding features so far? Besides Street View on Google Maps, which is a free download on most phones anyway just like the iPhone-like simplistic static image browser, Opera Mini , what improvements have been realized from iPhone I to 3G? I can mention the improvements my N95 saw and blow your mind. Robert is very aware of the thousands of iPhone apps and games.

And we had motion games first. The iPhone is a toy in comparison. The fact is many people want a real camera with DVD quality video capture. And if its not the features that make the phone, what does? The look? Its thin. Ok, I get it. But what can it do? If it does little and just looks good, its useless for productivity, and is just an overpriced PMP.

Don, Carrier considerations are still an issue.

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Nokia needs to better support the American carriers. Outside America, everyone knows Nokia is king. Put Nokia in the mix and fewer iPhones get sold. They stole a paid for feature from their customers. They have a great marketing machine but they will be reduced to selling to China and India until people over there discover iPhone and Android. Bad phone as all other Nokia phones.

Nokia N97 Games Free Download

Crammed with features with no usability and plenty of confusion. Ovi, Mash, whatever…. Next, I seriously doubt it that there is any mobile browser on the planet that does a better job than the one on the iPhone. Yes, it may be able to display Flash content FlashLite? Developers for S60 are really rare. Why is that? No matter which mobile! Latency of the networks at live games, boredom with turn-based games. The improvements between 1st iPhone and 3G are indeed not too big.

This is about to come and noone doubts it. There are neither more nor more powerful games for S Sorry dude. Not having a video recording app is still sad and annoying, yes. Show me a Nokia with accelerometer sensor that was on the market before the iPhone was. I can just recall a Samsung which fantastically failed in the market. So, why would I buy an iPhone instead of an S60 device? Sadly enough I still have to deal with all these rubbish devices in the office. Cruel world. Oh, and I can sync all my music directly from iTunes, just by pressing a button.

And it syncs my adress book and my calendar without having to install this unutterable software called Nokia PC Suite which basically noone gets ever to work and even the apps and games that I bought. If I delete an app on the phone, I can just re-get it by checking a box and synching the phone. Which is not as rip-offish as in the normal market. Of course, features make a product great.

Is a blogging application a feature of a phone? How sad is this? I like the iPhone and yes, I like the design of the N Whoa, that was the biggest dose of fanboyism since Amiga fanboys. And I thought the Apple clan was bad. Product is more than the spec sheet, really. You claim to be able to browse, edit film and do some other stuff at the same time on E Good for you, last time I checked the E90 could not even handle the browsing properly.

Byw the facebook app for iPhone is quite sexy. If people want to see the blog post in all its glory, please go here: As much as I would like Apple to get some real competitors, this is not it. Price Point. App store. What this lacks is 1. Might I suggest doing some sort of partnership with PayPal or Amazon? This is starting to get pathetic.

The Blackberry Storm was a let-down, the G-Phone was a flop, and now even Nokia is completely paralized by a phone that was created almost 2 years ago. Come on guys, get your act together. Here is what everyone that wants a shot at Apple needs to do:. None of the other big mobile manufacturers have a viable app store. Right now, the user has to know how to physically go around and find applications on their own. This is horrible, the reason why the iPhone App Store is so successful is because it caters to impulse buying and downloading.

To one-up the iPhone App Store, the rest of you guys Blackberry, Windows, Android, and Symbian need to come together and create an app store and distribution channel together. You need partnerships with every payment processing service; PayPal, Amazon, and Google. These smart phones need to be f-ing FREE. We do not need a 5 megapixel camera in our phone, we need internet connectivity at an affordable price point.

Make the iPhone the premium product, not your own entry-level competitors. The iPhone touch screen is far superior to tacticle feedback. Given that it is highly possible to type well on a touch screen and that screen space is the biggest value-add to any mobile device, it is STUPIDLY obvious that you need to switch off the tacticle keyboard.

Good stuff Robert. Just wanted to point out the the mark was in Euros I believe. In the iPod days all the pundits thought that not having an FM radio was a heinous omission and so all the wannabes like Zune and Sansa proudly announced their iPod knock-offs had FM radios. Turns out that nobody cares about having an FM radio in their media player because the content and audio quality sucks compared to listening to mp3 files. The same will be true for all these features. Good Job, Robert!

For who?? Like you?? Is that the anti-Apple selling strategy this time?? But who are these nerds going to call? Their LAN party buddies?

Nokia N97 Games Free Download

What would they do with a Facebook account?? Your website says it all.. I might be wrong. They Nokia happen to be dominant there, and everyone has a nice S60 phone. Not so much the story here in America. And as you say on your site: I like it, but then if you are hot on it, I might have doubts.

I still have my N95 right now…. So this is a pure paper lounch, a marketing event, without a buy able product for one year. That are 1 or 2 generations in mobile development….

Fifteen Puzzle Game & Connect 4 for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 (2 Free games from Ovi Store) Preview

But every scobleized blogger jumps on the train because Nokia gives them a prototype to play with. And people want the cool products. Looks like a nice piece of tech. Heres the only prob: Is that extra stuff worth the price? So, where does it stop? Main reason I will never use iPhone as my 1 device.

Of course, Apple will never adopt this form factor, and RIM missed it.

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More thoughts: As soon as its available here http: Qwerty and touch in a Nokia…. I am really waiting to place an order here http: Basicly im saying that the phone world never stops once one person comes out with something evrybody likes all the other companies follow it… thats how touch screen came into view …. Hi guys, i just wondering, a lot of advertising there, offering this N They sell it on USD.

Thank You. Hi guys, may i ask something? I wondering, how come, there is advertising sell these n97, since Nokia have not launched it yet in store? They offers around USD. Anybody can help me to explain? The impressive slider concept and cutting-edge design of the Nokia N97 make it an absolute fashion accessory.

For more visit http: Oh i just say wow! Its really being nail biting waiting for N97 to be released, puremobile says coming soon Can it be???????????????????? The N97 looks great.

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Is it going to be sold unlocked to any carrier in the US? I might trade in my iphone for this, since the n97 has better specs: I am going to buy it soon in white. I live in UAE so it is in stores now or by next week. Nice article about the Nokia N97 article.. It's My Dream.

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Thanks for post. I really like to read. Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! I hold no blind loyalty to N97, nor did I to my , , or But while I have a N97 in my pocket I'll remain true to the Brotherhood. My N97 is my best friend. My relationship is currently on hold while I accustom myself to everything that the N97 can offer me.

So far, I haven't put it down. I'm getting married in 7 days and hope to have grown up by then. If not, my N97 will be with me at the top table and I'll mention him in my Wedding Speech. Love is such a fickle thing. See you around http: Nokia N97 is a most attractive 3G Smartphone comes in black and white colour casing. If you plan to buy this phone you can compare various nokia N97 contact deals http: Nokia made promises and came out with a useless device. It's firmware software is FULL of bugs, it's extremely slow, freezes, Skype is still not included but they said that the Nokia N97 will be shipped with Skype.

The worst thing is that Nokia lied and lies about the N What they do is simply not telling the truth about their buggy device. I am very disappointed. I've always had Nokia phones, but I'm sure this is my last Nokia phone. Bugs and lies — this is what you can get from Nokia. If you planned to buy an N97, forget it. It sounds great what Nokia tells about the device, but the device is useless. Skip to content. Robert Scoble Uncategorized December 2, 2 Minutes. Photos and videos will come soon. Other details? Second quarter of Share this: Twitter Facebook Google.

It is worth mentioning that the game has excellent graphics, adjustable operation and vivid characters This is a cool logic game in which you will be offered to test your spatial reasoning and imagination. The aim is to turn 3D object to a needed angle. The game has more than objects and three game modes: Destroy lots of your enemies playing as a professional ninja warrior.

This is a first person game which uses the camera of your smartphone Meet legendary "AirHockey" in your smartphones! It is now available in your pocket any time when you want to play this fast fascinating game! Responsive Touch, good gameplay, realistic graphics and unlimited number of enemies will engross you for many hours! The game has 60 levels on which you will need to shoot at enemy tanks and protect your headquarters.

At the same time you need to destroy enemy radars and headquarters. You will experience different types of landscape, among which there are swamps, heaps of snow, deserts etc. Every new level is more difficult than the previous one and you will need more effective weapons This is a top race with cartoon graphics and handy operation.

Take part in the fascinating adventurous race, prove that you are inborn driver and accept the most risky challenges This is a simple and fascinating brain twister game. At the beginning you have only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. You can use them to open the new ones. In order to get a new element you need to drag one element onto another, for example Fire on Water. The idea of the game is to open all the elements Moto X Mayhem - is a new breathtaking arcade for smartphones. Rush through many fascinating levels in this easy but really engrossing game from Occamy Games.