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You can listen to the Bible pretty much anywhere you want. That includes your home, the car, or even while taking a walk. It won't replace your physical copy of the book. However, it is one of the better companion Bible apps that we've found.

Bible App for Kids Price: The Bible App for Kids is exactly what you think it is. In this one, kids can play through an interactive adventure that teaches them more about the Bible, what happened in it, and the people from it.

There are also challenges, fun cartoons, and other stuff. That makes it great for those on a budget. Bible by Life Church Price: The Bible app by Life Church is probably the best of all the Bible apps.

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It comes with a whole bunch of features. The app gives you offline access so you can read the Bible anywhere. On top of that, there are versions in a variety of languages. You can read whatever version you want. It also comes with a Verse of the Day, audio versions of the Bible, and more. That makes it one of the more powerful Bible study apps also.

It's completely free with no in-app purchases.

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Bible Trivia Quiz Price: Who says Bible study can't be occasionally fun? Bible Trivia Quiz does just that. It features ten quiz games and three total modes with thousands of questions. Questions are based on the King James Bible.

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You can also share with friends and pay attention to your progress. The game is simple enough as far as quiz games go. It asks a question and gives you multiple choice answers. The questions could be worded better, but there aren't any serious issues with it. Daily Bible Verse Price: Daily Bible Verse is an app that shows you daily Bible verses.

It doesn't really matter, though. The app does a great job at showing you a different verse every day so you have something to read up about. You can save your favorites or you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites as well.


It's also a free app with no in-app purchases. We're at the halfway mark! Here are some more fun apps to check out! HarperCollins Christian Publishing Price: Their big apps are Bible apps that feature various versions of the Bible.

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They also have a few more powerful apps such as the Amplified Bible app. It gives you additional abilities such as taking notes and further studying options. Some of them are free and others require a few bucks. We recommend the Olive Tree app first. It seems well put together. Our Daily Bread Price: Our Daily Bread is a Christian group that began in the s.

Since then, they have written a variety of work to talk about God, Christianity, and how to let God into your life.

The app lets you download various things that you can read. You can get up to a month of previous work. The app also gives you reminders so you can remember for Bible study, daily reading ideas from the Bible, and a public comment section. Increasing Your Faith.

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