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Provides hands-free experience, givingflexibility to respond to calls or texts. It announces the nameof person calling you , if saved. Same feature can be extended tomultiple apps which are used for text or messaging or call. App is interoperable with for an unknown contact , thenumber would read out.

Gives option to set number of repetitionsfor announcements. Battery announcer with Level Announcements andcharging announcements. Data announcer with ConnectivityAnnouncements like connected, disconnected. Option ofannouncements in local language if supported by system. Modebased announcements silent mode option. Option to tune the Voiceas per user requirements like Pitch, rate. UI beautifully design. Time Announcer enriched with lot of options which user cancontrol.

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Notification announcements from the applications aresupported from and above android version 4. ThisApplication uses the Android Notification Service to process newnotifications only if you grant permission to do so. It does notcollect the contents of notifications in any form. One of the most addictive game of , excellent for those wholike to challenge the mind and have fun doing it!!!!

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Swipe to move the tiles across the board, when twotiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When a number on single tile equals , theplayer wins. Application Supports three differentmodes: Endless Mode. Classic Mode. X-Tile Mode. Only game on PlayStore which supports multiple colorthemes: Black and White. You can control the speed of animations forslower or faster effect. Support for languages: Feedback and game improvements arealways appreciated!!!

This game is based onhttp: Smart dialer is very efficient call and contact managementapplication.

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It helps in organizing and managing call logs andcontacts effectively and quickly. Smart dialer is equipped withwide range of features as mentioned below: Quick Dial FeatureOne click action to place a call from a list of dialled numbers. Pinned contacts that are used too frequently. Call Blocking Usercan block the calls from any number. Numbers can easily be blockedand unblocked. Quick Actions User can go to the popular messagingand calling apps with the help quick actions Just a click away.

Quick actions saves the user from hassle of searching contacts. Contact Groups Feature to create contact groups like family,friends, office and soon which makes searching efficient. Groupscan be made visible or hidden as per user requirement. Easy actionto Add and Delete contacts from the groups. Speed DialTraditional functionality of assigning important contacts todialpad numbers for fast dial.

Dial-pad Feature allows us tosearch the contact book without hassle of memorizing the wholenumber. SearchCall Logs with number and names. Options to filter call logs likemissed calls, dialed calls etc. One click feature where user canchoose to delete call history and call logs from application andandroid native Phone application easily. Call Statistics andHistory User can view detailed call history and timings for anynumber.

Themes Multiple themes like Black, grey and many more aresupported. Ice Hopper 1.

Indian Caller Information Free Download

Help Flipper the penguin hop across the ice blocks before he runsout of energy. Also watch out for the eagles! This simple game willtest your reflexes to the limit! Don't land on water orhe'll drown! The faster you hop the slower it'll drop- If the energy fallsto zero the eagles will come for flipperIf you are signed into GameCenter you can check your leaderboard rankings andachievementsEnjoy the soothing colors and ambient sounds of waterwhile you play the game. Woodland Stream March -plantmonkey [freesound. Guess The Emoji: Puzzle Game 1. A fresh collection of Emoji trivia that will get you hooked in notime.

From movies and TV series to brands and famous characters,this quiz will challenge your mind unlike any other. Play this gamewith friends and family for even more enjoyment! How to PlayEverypuzzle shows you a set of the well known emoji icons. Choose from aset of letters to guess the correct phrase which could be anythingfrom common phrases to the latest hit songs.

Some answers are easyand obvious while others require you to think laterally.

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Earn coinsas you complete every puzzle with bonus on level completion. Use the coins to get hints, like show a letter, remove someletters or solve the puzzle. Get started now!

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  • We have some of thecutest emojis for you to play with! Sound Credits: Similar Apps Show More Caller Location 2. Are you gettingcalls from unknown number? Do you want to find from where thatperson is Calling? CallerID Phone Location Tracker allows you to search and track any mobilenumber or fixed line phone number in the world including countries and cities areas. You can easy see who iscalling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id withname and location information country, State, city area andoperator.

    View list of your Contacts with Area and operator name. View list of your Call Logs with Area and operator name. Caller blocker allows you to block unwanted calls such astelemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc. Search offline: Mobile locator isthe only app that displays Caller Location of every caller. Callblocker allows you to block unwanted calls like telemarketers, spamcallers, fraud callerse.

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    • You can easily manage your white pages and blacklist. Legal Notices: This App is anunofficial, it is not authorized or created by the creator of theApp. Caller Name Id 5.

      Kisi bhi number ki call detail Kaise nikale// किसी भी नंबर की कॉल डिटेल कैसे निकाले

      The Caller-ID application allows you to quickly make a real"reverse search" and determine who called you and manage your whitepages and your blacklist, text, without unlimited hosting. As widget contacts, CallerID - Call Blocking works as a tracker, a locator as well as amobile phone number identifier. Unknown calls or even callers canbe identified in order to find the genst that make the call, anddisplay who is calling you.

      Caller Call Name ID: View the caller IDand the location of the number on a multi-billion database.

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      Oncethe result is found, you can add it directly to your phone'scontacts. Find out who called, their address, city, state, carrierand more, you can also see the tags and comments on the phonenumbers. Once a resultis found, you can add it directly to your phone's Contacts. Findout who called, their address, city, state, carrier and more, youcan also see tags and comments on phone numbers. You can easy see who is calling and identify unknownincoming calls via the caller id with name and locationinformation. Block numbers and find out who calledyour phone number whether it's a telemarketing call, spam or scamcall, and even robocall.

      True Location and Caller ID: You can easysee who is calling and identify unknownincoming calls via thecaller id with name and location information like Area Pincode,Country, State and Service Provider. Key features: Mobile Number Tracker 2. Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to know fromwhere the person is calling? You can also view the details of mobile number in the call log. Smart Call Logs: Call logs with finedetail of every call like Location of call, SIM service serviceprovider name etc.

      Smart Contacts: Contacts with detail likeGeographical area of Service Provider, Location etc. All Incoming and Outgoing call info forall calls.

      Indian Caller Info

      Full Customization settings: You can choose whether youwant to see location of Caller while receiving or making a callNote: Mobile Number Portability is not supported. Mobile Number Location Tracker 3. Live Mobile Number Tracker helps you to trackany phone number from world. Mobile number locator will track the exact Geographic location. Call Blocker: Caller blockerallows you to block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spamcallers, fraud, etc. Mobile number locator is the only app thatdisplays Caller Location of every caller on call screen.

      BestMobile Tracker App. Caller ID willidentify any unknown incoming calls, block robocalls, telemarketingand unwanted calls. Display call location, true name and callerphoto for you. Find the Caller ID - Identifyunknown and private callers. Shows the caller name, photo, calllocation and address lookup. Find out true phone caller id and morenumber details. Call Blocker — Blacklist - Block unwanted callssuch as telemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud, by addingthem to calls blacklist. Caller ID app will automatically blocknumber from your blacklist and help you say goodbay to all spamcalls.

      You can copy any number you see and cut it tothe search box. Caller ID - Who Called Me will identify the numberand display true phone caller id, call location and more details. The best phone number lookup and phone number search in Android! State, City, District and Operator Name. Call Permission: This permission is needed to make a call from the application whenever user wants to. User can only make the call. There is noway that the application will call any number without user or cellphone owner interaction.

      Salient Features: User can go to the popular messaging and calling apps with the help quick actions Just a click away from the Quickdial screen. Quick actions saves the user from hassle of searching contacts. Call logs will show the labels for the groups. Users can backup contacts after logging in and restore them at anytime. Please MAIL us at support ingris. If your number is showing wrong info please mail us location and 1st 5 digits of the number. We will update our database Application icons are provided by: Reviews Review Policy.

      We are constantly striving to make the application better. Salient features of the release are New interface of Aftercall screen. Fixed the issues in which application was taking too long to launch. Application is updated to support latest versions of android. Code Optimization and performance issues. Please launch the application after the update. Call reminder and Call Notes will be coming soon. Stay updated. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.