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Designed by Blog Consulting. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Every time I turn on my car it pairs the BT which is needed for handsfree calling, and very much wanted , but it also automatically selects my car as the Audio output in the AirPlay section of Control Center.

The only way I hear audio is if I put the radio on MP3 play. It still sends calls and GPS nav stuff through the speakers, but other alerts don't get sent through. Very weird. All I really want is for the phone not to automatically jump onto the car as the AirPlay device, but I know of no way to make that happen. You might also want to set it to enable WiFi again when your device disconnects from your bluetooth stereo. Didnt read your post all the way through. Just to clarify, your car stereo does not use AirPlay to send the sound.

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Any time you send audio to another device, it will show up in that section either Bluetooth or AirPlay. Are you wanting to keep the audio from maps and alerts to your phone speakers? Notice my wifi is off and my car is still connected.

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That song was playing just fine through my car, also. Airplay must also work with A2DP. Yeah basically I want my alerts to stay on my phone and phone calls etc to go through the car. Or, if there was a way to force all audio into the same output class as map alerts from google anyway and phone call alerts, that'd work too. Phone calls and maps interrupt whatever it is I'm hearing. The only "solution" I have is to turn off your ringer and turn on vibrate. That way if you get texts or other alerts, the sound alert wont go off and interrupt whatever is playing.

However this just partially solves your problem. You can also turn off the voice in the stock maps app by clicking the volume symbol on the bottom right. If you do this you'll have to keep checking your phone to see the next steps though. As far as I know, theres is no way to customize what goes through an external speaker and what goes through the phone speaker. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. Want to join? FWIW, I actually submitted settings profiles a la Blackberry to Apple's suggestion box, along with the ability to set different sounds for different mail accounts. I was also annoyed by the sounds at night I still want my phone to ring, just no notification sounds , but I solved that by using a dock with audio output that is apparently wired incorrectly generic Dynex dock with Universal Adapter support.

Due to the "wrong" wiring, it outputs all notifications and sounds out the headphone jack on the back Since Apple was smart and always plays the ringtone out the phone speaker regardless of where other audio goes, I'm effectively null-routing the notifications while keeping my ringer.

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I also don't want to recieve notifications at night. Not even messages or phone calls, except from a small number of people. Well, get a universal dock the kind with the headphone jack , and plug a headphone plug into the jack on the dock it doesn't even need to have headphones on it I believe, so I think you can just pick up a bare unsoldered plug at Radioshack.

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Phone will charge, and you won't get any Notification noises or text message noises. The screen will still turn on briefly if you have anything set to show on the lock screen, but IME once I am asleep I don't notice this. It will NOT make noises for those.

VIP ringthrough type option on an iPhone though. That's a good idea. But I still want more options, such as checking certain mail accounts only during workhours. As an always-on device the iPhone simply needs to be more configurable.

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There's a handy switch on the side of the iPhone. I flip it every night. I know about the goddamn switch, thanks.

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Sad how often these discussions here end like this.. My point is, limits in configurability now dictate how far I let my iPhone be my personal assistant, so to speak.

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I'm naming just a few, but there are many. Apple needs to step up and solve it. It's the standard way. Your suggestions are dumb and unneeded right until Apple adds them to the OS, after which they suddenly become awesome and a great innovations. Smack wrote: I missed where anyone said his suggestion was dumb.

I mean, it's kind of funny that we have this powerful computer in our pocket and yet people still have to remember to press mute every single night, and then remember to turn it off every morning.