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You just need to have and do what it takes to turn your iPad into a VoIP phone. Here is what you need. There are three ways in which you can set up your voice input and output for your phone conversations. First, you can use the integrated microphone and speakers of the iPad.

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Here, of course, you need to be close enough to the tablet to communicate. There is nothing much to configure here, as the microphone and speakers are already working and are the default audio hardware. Secondly, you can plug in a headset or separate earpieces and microphone, for more discrete phone conversations. You can do so in the 3. Third, and this seems the best thing to do for me, is to pair your iPad with a Bluetooth headset.

Can I make and receive phone calls via iPad PRO?

Here is a tutorial on how to pair a Bluetooth headset, and here is our top list of Bluetooth headsets. To make free calls over the Internet, you need to have an Internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Bandwidth is not that much of a problem, but being able to get a connection everywhere is. Your iPad is a mobile device and you need mobile connection.

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This comes either in 3G or Wi-Fi. If it does, then you can happily make the calls under any hotspot whether at home, in the office, on the campus or while waiting at the airport. That leaves you with 3G if you want connectivity anywhere under the sky. If you mean whether you can make phone calls using your SIM card, no, you can't:. Yes you can with Tu GO http: We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context.

How to find the phone number of my Apple iPad

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How to make and receive phone calls on your iPad

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