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By marcionavarro , Junior Member on 5th February , Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Even with the software it just JP Blue Keyboard connects but does not type.

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Does anyone have any suggestions? Join Date: May What rom are you using?

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Afaik sense breaks hid support. Try an aosp rom if your using a sense rom.

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OP Junior Member. I'm using the original ROM. I would not change. It has no application to help you set up? Senior Member. Dec It won't work full stop with an original sense rom. It just doesn't support bluetooth HID but an aosp based rom does. Junior Member.

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Feb Select "Options" and then "Exit". Alternatively, if you prefer, you can download the keyboard application onto your computer and then transfer it to your phone for manual installation.

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You can get the application file by right-clicking on the link above and selecting "Save As". For more details on how to transfer files between your computer and , click here to see our USB file transfer tutorial. For more details on how to install application files, click here to see our applications tutorial.

The Wireless Keyboard application successfully connected to a Bluetooth keyboard on the Nokia Bluetooth Pairing is the process where two Bluetooth-compatible devices such as a phone and a keyboard talk to each other and let each other know that they have permission to connect. Pairing is slightly complicated, but you only have to do it once for a particular pair of devices. After they've been paired, they will connect easily next time, and you can set them connect automatically if you like.

Here's how to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Nokia using the Wireless Keyboard application: From the main standby screen, press the white menu button. Select "Applications". Select "Wireless Keyboard" the icon may be at the bottom of the screen. Now switch on your Bluetooth keyboard. Make sure it is switched on, and make sure it is very near your phone before you proceed to the next step. On the phone, select "Options". Select "Find Keyboard". If the phone asks, say "Yes" to switch on the phone's Bluetooth connection. Select "More Devices".

When the phone finds your keyboard, select it from the list. The phone will now start the pairing process. Select "OK". Enter a passcode of your choice, perhaps something simple like On the keyboard, enter the same code and then press the keyboard's Enter or Return key. If you're using the Nokia SU-8W, make sure you press the green "FN" key first to put the top row of keys into number mode. If the pairing process fails, try again by going back to point 5 above. If the pairing process succeeds, select the correct language to match your keyboard's layout.

Your keyboard should now be connected and ready to use, you can use it straight away to navigate the phone's menus without touching the phone. If you're using Nokia's own SU-8W keyboard you will be able to select menus using the two blue "soft key" buttons, and the SU-8W's swirly menu key has the same effect as the 's white menu key. The 's Bluetooth aerial is located inside the phone in the area indicated by the blue box above. If you're having trouble pairing the phone with a keyboard, try to make sure this area is uncovered and near to the keyboard.

If you switch off your keyboard and switch it back on again, the phone will ask for your permission to connect to the keyboard. If you find this annoying, you can make this connection totally automatic using the following method: Go to the Wireless Keyboard application as described above. Select "Options". Select "Settings". Then click the menu key and go to options. In options you'll have a feature called smart dialing, click on that and make sure your country code is set to Egypt.

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How to use Bluetooth wireless keyboards with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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