Will the new blackberry have a keyboard

In a post on Twitter , BlackBerry announced that its next smartphone, the "Key 2," will be unveiled on June 7 at 10 a.

ET in New York. BlackBerry shared the tweet in the most millennial are they courting hip young kids again?!

Muscle memory

Beyond the "An Icon Reborn" message and the name of the device, the post doesn't reveal any other details. However, putting on our detective hats, we can piece together a few things. First, the Key is almost definitely a successor to last year's KeyOne. The KeyOne was surprisingly refreshing because it felt like the anti-smartphone. As the guy who reviewed the phone for Mashable, I was pretty impressed.

BlackBerry's Key2 LE Has the Keyboard You Want for $

It's chunky, but sleek. In , it announced it would stop making its own devices. But that doesn't mean BlackBerries don't exist anymore. Although the Key2 has the look and feel of a traditional BlackBerry phone, it has modern twists, especially when it comes to security.

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It features a browser that doesn't track your web activity, virus scanning and secret folders for private photos and documents. Of course, it still has a physical keyboard, but you can do more with it, like scroll up and down on a web page by swiping your finger. The device has up to two days of battery life, a dual-lens camera on the back for the first time, and popular camera features like Portrait Mode.

It runs the latest Android operating system, 8. BlackBerry's software bet continues to pay off. For its part, BlackBerry provides the software and services.

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  7. The convenience key sits on the long edge of the device, and will display three apps to launch or actions to take when pressed. This smart context is an addition since the KeyONE, and for those looking for a very personal experience it is welcome. Along with the keyboard, the new Blackberry hardware is working well to differentiate itself from the Android flock. While many manufacturers are looking to AndroidOne to reduce support costs with a unified experience, BlackBerry owners continue to have their own customised handset once you step outside of the familiar feeling launcher.

    BlackBerry bets on a return to physical keyboards with its new $399 phone

    And again this is TCL ensuring that the whole package plays to its own gallery, rather than the entire Android base. With replacements for the calendar, contacts, to-do lists, note-taking, and the BlackBerry Hub taking center stage as it gathers together incoming messages and emails into a single application, you have an Android-powered smartphone that does everything in its own way. As well as providing a more flexible PIM suite of apps for a corporate environment, the traditional strength of the BlackBerry name for security continues in the Android handsets.

    The DTEK software performs a security audio on your device and its software, and can continue to monitor the Key2 LE for any issues that may arise during operation. The Privacy shade darkens the whole screen apart from a small strip you are reading, which makes it harder for someone to read a full document over your shoulder. The software additions all help to give the BlackBerry range in general for a specific task. If your needs are far away from that, then it will be clear that the Key2 range is not for you.

    The need for speed

    This of course leads is back to the target market of the Key2 LE. This is a competitively priced enterprise device that puts the focus on productivity, rather than performance.

    DO NOT Buy The BlackBerry KEY2

    But for those who need better PIM software, improved security, and a physical keyboard, and all of that at an affordable price point, then the Key2 LE is a surprisingly strong answer. Now read my review of the more powerful and more expensive BlackBerry Key2….