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With the unlocked version, you can add new Koi to the pond. You can even choose their sizes and colors. Put in more Koi in the virtual pond to bring more luck. The premium version also allows you to change the background, add rain effects, put some lily pads on the pond, add some floral decorations, and much more. This live wallpaper transforms your phone into a virtual aquarium. The live wallpaper lets you choose from varieties of fish to add to your fish tank.

You can also customize the size of your fish.

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The best feature I found in this app is the option to make your fish your virtual pets. You can enable the feature to keep your fish alive by feeding them. If left unfed for 4 days, your fish will die. You can feed your fish by tapping any vacant part of your home screen.

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Your fish will also grow. Mature fish will lay eggs and produce more baby fish. Other options included are changing the background, changing the fish grow rate, customizing fishes, support for landscape mode, and much more. Another aquatic live wallpaper for your Android phone is the Aquarium Live Wallpaper. Like the aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper, this wallpaper transforms your Android phone into a virtual fish tank. You can also customize the wallpaper such as changing the background, choosing what fish to place, adding some decors, and much more.

The Aquarium Live Wallpaper also features a 3D display that makes the live wallpaper more realistic. However, unlike aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper, this wallpaper only features a limited variety of fishes. But, you can still feed your fish by double-tapping on the screen. Transform your Android phones into a winter wonderland with the Snowfall Live Wallpaper. It is like looking through the window and seeing the trees all covered with snow.

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  • The snow falling and the trees swaying with the wind makes this wallpaper stand out. The live wallpaper will also allow you to add your personal touch. You can change the snowflakes to either crystals or blobs. You can also change the density of the snow and adjust the snow variance. The live wallpaper also has an option for you to change its background according to the time of the day and add some aurora effects to decorate the sky with colors. The Snowfall Live Wallpaper can also be used to bring out the Christmas spirit on your mobile phone.

    You can add some Christmas lights on the trees, making them a natural Christmas trees on your mobile phone. You can also enable the Santa Sightings option.

    Free rain live wallpaper for Android phones and tablets

    You can rarely see Santa pass by on your homescreen, but it will get more frequent as Christmas day approaches. We have been talking about live wallpapers of fishes, trees, seasons, beach, and clouds. We should also not forget the things made by human hands. This live wallpaper lets you view a beautiful time lapse of the city.

    Best paid live wallpapers for Android phones

    Accessing the settings menu lets you customize the live wallpaper. You can change the color of the clouds, adjust the traffic speed, change the wind direction, and many more.

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    You can also allow the app to automatically change the background according to the time of day or manually add a background for a specific time of the day. What live wallpaper makes your phone interesting and alive? Why do you like that wallpaper? Share your thoughts in a comment below. For something more stellar and eye-popping, you might want to see our article about the best HD live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets.

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      In the full version, you can also customize nearly every part of the scene, including the bench, leaves, snow, flowers, eggs, stream, and more — thousands of possible combinations! Even choose from Easter egg patterns. An animated butterfly will fly through the scene. You can also hide or show the nest, eggs, butterfly, river, and more.